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Carson Palmer wants a trade out of Cincinnati

Even as my colleague Ben Volin heads for Mobile, Ala., and the Senior Bowl,
where he be reporting this week on numerous topics including the Dolphins search
for a quarterback, another potential candidate surfaced Sunday with the news
that Carson Palmer has requested a trade from Cincinnati.

Palmer, 31, whom the Bengals made the first overall pick in the 2004 draft,
is understandably frustrated with the team inconsistencies over the years. This
year was a huge disappointment, with a team that went unbeaten in the AFC North
and won the division title last year stumbling to a 412 record. Palmer drew a
lion share of the criticism by fans who felt he wasn up to the task of winning
with the wide receiver combination of Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and rookie
Jordan Shipley plus rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham.

Palmer, who passed for more than 4,000 yards in 2006 and had his next most
productive yardage total, throwing for 3,970 yards, with 26 touchdowns and 20
interceptions. The latter figure tied for his career high. While he has had
injury issues in his career, he also played all 16 games in four of the last
five seasons.

Palmer is threatening to retire if he doesn get his wish, and there a good
chance he financially secure enough to do so. But he certainly has another four
or five good years in him, and if you Miami, he would buy all the time you would
need to get a young guy ready to take over.

Speculation is Seattle could be a frontrunner for Palmer services, since
Palmer played under Seahawks coach Pete Carroll at USC and Matt Hasselbeck is no
sure bet to be there next year.

The Dolphins, of course, are in the hunt for other options at quarterback
after Chad Henne struggled in his second season as a starter. Neither Chad
Pennington nor Tyler Thigpen can be counted on to start the season as No. 1, so
all options are open.

But for now, no options are open, as no trades will be permitted until a new
labor agreement is reached. That could be quite some time.

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very true our offensive line was never really healthy this year. if it would
stay healthy we have a strong line. so we can bring some players in to help the
line. draft a new rb and i think the dolphins will be fine we were very close to
be a team that could have made the playoffs injuries hurt us. and henne may have
had a mediocre season but it was only his second season as a starter they get a
team built around him a little better and our team is fine nobody in there
second year can carry a team to the super bowl with nothing around them. well
very few. manning almost did with all the injuries the colts had but there are
very few players that can do that. and if anyone thinks that any of the qbs in
this years draft could be drafted and start right John Riggins Throwback Jersey away they need to watch a little
more football because this years draft class at qb isnt that great.

You have to investigate this if you are the dolphins. Injury prone is not a
term I would use to describe Carson Palmer, franchise quarterback is the term.
He is not in his prime but he is not knocking on retirement door yet. He has put
up great numbers over his career and with an actual team around him (not the
bengals) he will thrive. That WR corps in cincy is a joke Too many egos in that
locker room. Luck in next years draft (via trade up)). I honestly have no idea
why everyone is so quick to hate on Carson Palmer He awesome!

aj you are a fool, did you read the article, the guy is prone to injury????
really, well the article spells out clearly that he has played in all 16 games 4
of the last 5 years. doesnt sound like he is injury prone to me. palmer has as
much talent as any qb in the league and yes i am including brady and manning etc
and the guy spins it better than anyone including rodgers and would be a the
perfect bridge to the a young dolphins qb. palmer is accurate with a big arm and
can get the ball to marshall and bess in spots which will enable big plays from
the RAC would be frigggin perfect. Ireland do your job and seel this guy on
coming to miami and sell the bengals whatever it takes to do the deal NOT LET
THIS GUY SF or harbaugh will have spit on this franchise twice and keep him away
from the seabags as well the deal Ireland

AJ, even before the injuries to the OL the OL was performing mediocre at
best. The team has no pulling guard which is the number one reason why the
running game has suffered. Bulger has also struggled at the center position and
who knows how much longer Carey will be able to hold up.

I like the idea of Palmer coming to Miami. What this team needs right now is
a good stop gap QB and I think
he would be John Riggins Jersey great in that role. I mean lets face it
none of these rookies will have an instant impact on the team and he is a
instant upgrade over Henne. Unless our goal next season is to position ourselves
to get the 1st over all pick in the 2012 draft just to select Luck then you just
stick with Henne.

That is the question you must constantly ask yourself. Because THAT who you
must beat in the AFC.

Would the Pats get a retread? No. They cultivate a young QB. Why are we
always in this win now mentality when the team is rarely that good.

The thing that has killed the Dolphins is lack of patience. We are constantly
overvaluing our team, thinking we one or two players away. We not. The entire
offense now needs to be rebuilt.

Do this right. Get a core of young players in the Draft. And start a winning
program. Once you start winning for 35 years, you can begin to build off that,
but in order to be successful, you need a core of young players and a constant
churn of Draft picks.

those of you against Palmer let me ask you a simple question. is Palmer a
better QB then Henne?

I am the biggest Henne fan (i a fan of ANY QB that suits up for my phins with
the exception of Trent Green who had no business being our QB) however I will
admit Henne is NOT a starter in the NFL. he is a 2nd or 3rd string QB. he just
doesn have the accuracy!

he had his chance but we need to upgrade the QB position (and drafting a QB
is NOT a short term fix). if that
means McNabb, Palmer then I all for it within reason. obviously lets not give up
a 3rd rounder for him. maybe a 5th rounder plus a player

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