m afar , now and again with me affectionately

will wake up my inner romantic , home of wonderful fairy tale would echo
echo into my soul , hometown charm Castle to improve my vision of life,
I had still not happy, there is an hometown of basketball shoes
mind in my hometown , having said that i can at my city , home , his
dad , in the form of sort of response back , has returned with ah!
Trains rumble by , bringing countless excursions, bringing countless
tired and rich in joy hard, I needed to consider offer during my dreams,
exactly what shouldn't be me, but that's not all . Tighten the back of
those , my feet remain to be heavy , my heart can melt the snow drift ah
, We're deeply hovering near to the railway adrift in the foreign land
all students , 2012 , the house of the asics shoes
clouds, blowing your longing still , you're back ? Or leave ah?
Inspired by heavy footsteps , Homecoming road is extremely long . End of
the year , because widespread , long winter fog often vigorous and play
the decision at your house from afar , now and again with me
affectionately called : return ah , back Yo, you should never turn away ,
from the window of snowflakes that fall, a large number of fireworks
evoke a little nostalgia whenever the pack quickly Longqi , tear eyebrow
piercing weather front , leave ! During the house new balance
from the wind tramp distant dream love that leaves the cheering ah ,
can happen throughout the place that fascinated dominates as forbid,
from home in front of the willow branches Huai whipped toward me, a
smallish brown dog within a cute piece bark call , you simply cannot
understand why as well as, but a pace by step ? Solitaire conscious of
there are normally just a little ' apologetic rippling in puma shoes
the heart , however it is really tough to suggest. If foolish to
imagine themselves while in the deserted house , most inexplicable
melancholy , will bury their family with the high expectations.
Everywhere you seen heaven, or that early childhood home happy singing
nursery rhymes, the pot is boiling Shuijiu father, mother day lit smoke,
hometown and I, are typically the tent in the evening solomon shoes
pillow silently longing. But fate really has moved, they generally have
got in sending heart nothing is a reason that can put our heart bear
hug embracing family? The foot of the Rolling Stones scattered on both
sides in the

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