Clifton's farm damaged in Tennessee floods

Chad Clifton lives in Green Bay almost yearround, but the Packers left tackle
keeps a 160acre farm in Tennessee as a place to retreat, where he can walk along
streams and creeks and hunt turkey.

Now, after a record 13.57 inches of rain fell on the area May 1 and 2, the
property has suffered considerable damage. Swollen creeks and tributaries and
widespread flooding have left parts of Tennessee washed away.

"They're calling it the Nike Brian Hartline Jersey 500year flood. There's nothing on
record where we've ever seen anything like this before," Clifton said Tuesday as
he and a handful of teammates embarked on the Packers Tailgate Tour.

Clifton, who is from Martin, Tenn., and played college football for the
Tennessee Volunteers, said his second home near Nashville was not badly damaged.
The roof had leaks.

But Clifton's farm near Franklin, Tenn., lost propane tanks and fences and is
awash in debris, some of which is even stuck in the trees.

"The farm is damaged. We lost the front side of our property; there's a river
that runs along the entire front side," Clifton said. "So we lost a good portion
of our fence. Our barn flooded. The driveway has completely washed away; it's
just gravel left there now. There's a ton of debris, just a lot of debris.

"There are a ton of rivers in Tennessee. With all the rain we got, it broke
the banks. There's a lot of people that lost a lot of property, a lot of people
who lost their homes. And a lot of people don't have flood insurance and they
can't get flood insurance on a flood plain. So yeah, there's a lot of damage
down there."

Clifton said he doesn't have flood insurance.

His sister's home had some flooding, and his brother lives near Bellevue,
among the most damaged areas.

"We weren't hit nearly as bad as other people," Clifton said. "A lot of that
city is on the Harpeth River, which broke the banks. Homes are just flooded all
the way up to the roof. Again, people just don't have flood insurance. There are
a lot of people that lost everything."

On Monday, before Clifton left for the fan tour, he talked with teammate
Scott Wells. Wells splits his residence between Green Bay and Nashville, and
while his home on a hill reportedly was unscathed, his Tennessee neighbors have
been greatly affected by the floods. Both expressed the desire to help the

Tuesday was the first time Clifton talked since agreeing to a threeyear, $20
million contract in March, after briefly testing the freeagent waters with a
visit to the Washington Redskins.

"It came down to the wire. Washington called and said, 'Hey, why don't you
come down here,' Clifton said. "So not knowing what was going to happen, we did
that and fortunately before Brian Hartline Jersey Ebay we got too involved with that,
Green Bay called."

Clifton said he had always hoped to finish his Brian Hartline Jersey career with the team that drafted him in
2000, the Packers.

With Clifton coming back for an 11th season, the Packers were able to draft
21yearold Bryan Bulaga as a longterm answer on the left side.

Clifton said he felt healthy and has been a full participant in the team's
offseason workouts.

Last season was the first since 2002 in which he had missed more than one
game. In 2002, he suffered a
careerthreatening hip injury on a blindside hit from Tampa Bay defensive tackle
Warren Sapp.

Last year, injuries nagged, especially the high ankle sprain he suffered in
Week 2.

Clifton missed four games in 2009 and was forced out of four others,
including the wildcard playoff game against Arizona, because of ankle and
hamstring injuries. And when he was out, the team

In the four games Clifton missed, the Packers gave up 16 sacks. Two of those
games were losses to rival Minnesota, in which the team gave up 14 sacks.

"I have been going Brian Hartline Black Jersey full swing at the workouts. So far
so good. The ankle healed up, feels good," Clifton said. "One thing with the
ankle injury in the second game, that high ankle sprain kind of stayed with me
all season long. The knees held up nice last year, that shoulder did as well, so
hopefully this season, I'll have no random injuries and I finish the whole
season and all 16 games."

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