Panerai Movement And Material Technology

Panerai Movement And Material Technology

Pei has a long history of the sea, with brand development and expertise in
the field of tabulating achieved numerous exceptional levels of achievement.In
the 20th century, especially in 30 to 50 s, panerai replica
started for the Italian navy supply watches and precision instrument, because
the military have very strict requirements for function of wrist watch, watch of
wrist of Panerai constantly improvement, thus forming a unique personality.At
the 2011 Geneva senior and horological exhibit, panerai replica
collection of tradition and innovation at an organic whole, in the
form of a new movement and the latest development of material technology, once
again showed Panerai wrist contain rich connotation.The replica watches
has a stunning beauty, movement through the black, also to present the all black
watch appearance.The automatic mechanical movement, has three day power reserve,
date, a second time zone shows that, the second hand goes to zero, such as
performance, also has a power reserve display on the movement, through the watch
can be back sapphire crystal glass.The watch is for, cool single-minded men,
after all, pay attention to the avant-garde and do not break wrist watch is
practical at the same time, every two.

The wrist watches the
processing of leather strap and restoring ancient ways from Radiomir improved 47
mm diameter polishing stainless steel casing, watch for the plexiglass lens,
wide a replica watches
ear is one big characteristic, use the practice of early original watches,
between its inscribed PAM00372 wrist watch model, very infectious, and
highlights the replica panerai
craft fine traditional dial, consist of sandwiches sandwich type
structure, a large number of luminescent material sandwiched between the two
dimension plate, sending out the light of corresponding hollow out through the
upper dial Numbers and hours has marked place, in any conditions are clear, on
the hour hand and the minute hand, covered with the same hazel luminescent
materials, although looks be like simple, but there is a heavy breath.The
underlying watch through large sapphire crystal glass bottom cover, can see the
essence of replica
- carrying pei designed the sea tabulation plant research and
development of p. 3000 movement, this movement has the typical big bridge plate
structure, two clockwork box can provide 3 power storage, and waterproof up to
100 meters, the world had only a limited 3000.

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