identified as excessive the

Flying radio studio is quickly became popular recently the program -
Elunarian Star situation.

The sound of the hostess "Sunshine" is not an ordinary person the established
impression on female announcer - sweet and gentle, but partial neutral taste
Tragic voice unique a lazy sexy.

This program began Moderator shortage, while the hosts to broadcast rookie
cosmetologists are not optimistic about everyone, only identified as excessive
the popular program, month language star love has fallen below a bunch of people
glasses of red, red to radio stations station and section chief also once
considered, they would want to 10pm-11pm slack period to change to the popular
eight to nine?

This proposal is the sun declined. The reason is simple, she do not want to
erect the enemy, although only recently graduated from university less than
a rookie, she also knew some of the ways of the world, imagine if her program is
transferred to the most popular hours that the original popular time programs?
That presenters but coach outlet store
Dingding famous old-timers, she
also thought of a few years coach factory
relaxing day life of intrigue was too tired.

Second, the
private feel. Always feel ten
o'clock to eleven o'clock, a little late and not too late, it is suitable for
the the Elunarian Star love keynote talk about his emotions, storytelling.

Perhaps into the radio station soon, perhaps temper dictates, her program is
not fame, not for profit, but I feel very important. Her feelings indeed caught
a lot of people's stomach, so that they become a loyal audience.

Month language star love red by accident, to be honest, so far is even
presenters do not know why this program will burst of red?

The first program has six months earlier, to listen to the rate has been
high, the air show is a good lyric pipeline, many listeners will be anonymous
way by writing letters, faxes, by the moderator dared unspoken mood
circumstances, fell in love, secret love, unrequited love ... say it.

The recent letter from a girl named Acacia unexpected attention.

Her concern and even colleagues will ask her, Acacia girl to letter? She and
the the dodgeball boy have no progress? The Acacia girl in the end how old?

Chief of even capricious, that Acacia girl got on the show forget.

The Acacia girl almost on equal sign and Star love Elunarian from seems short
time she craze is not back.

December 10, she first letter, not the handwriting, but the computer typing,
inside the general crush on mood, perhaps because the writing is smooth between
the lines affection always tight to catch the mood of the audience. Especially
between her and crush object the dodgeball metaphor more fun showing sad and

She wrote in the first letter of a coach outlet store online
paragraph of text -

Love you just a field and a game of dodgeball, you have been the leader of
that the hands coach
factory online
have the ball. The game as long as the ball touch
the body out, so I had to repeatedly dodge effort not hit the ball in the. Do
not know that I'm good at hiding, or you always lock the target, I have been coach outlet store
survivors under your coach outlet store

Perhaps it is this text touches the mood of the audience, but also perhaps
the story of this crush or present progressive tense, and the letter of the
genus name Acacia girl becomes a compelling dramas caused by the surge of a wave
of discussion.

This week is still no Acacia letter, and letters from many listeners still
concerned about the progress of this crush.

The ten fifty-five Road Ends bye, play the last song, the sun studio to the
next period moderator, walked back to the office.

Company cheap coach
she come more than a year, fairly younger generation, too,
and some rookie rotation executive night shift. Yesterday she slept in the
company, so today to bring back things can be more.


Packed his things, she surprised the opposite predecessors Zhang Zhiyun not
leave. The forties veteran announcer, when she joined the company as coach factory outlet
an assistant to take care of her.

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