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campus good control . From your distance, is similar to a big umbrella of distraction. It really is at the foot research, but straight, you can find four to five floors. Its sturdy trunk , nike air max tall and slender. Not similar thickness with the trunk throughout , the central section of the trunk is thicker . Top, bottom for the central section of good. For your variety of the most wonderful palm tree leaves , and instead gives off spread like peacocks about the opening screen . Leaves large , medium and small leaves apart, arms outstretched as Avalokitesvara , really fun . Control energetic throughout every season . Whether spring, summer , autumn and winter, it's very green and toms shoes straight, being a soldier guarding our campus , to accompany us to cultivate and learn . Through the summer, the scorching sun , shining being a ground ball of fireplace boiling , with control obscured within a tree for your games , phys . ed ., will not feel so hot. Sometimes kids dragging palm leaves , riding at the top game , I enjoy the magician cartoon , adidas springblade very funny. In the event it rains, tree , palm leaves following your rain has washed and turn into more green , put in a little ' green campus to produce our campus more beautiful. Autumn winds , swaying control , the leaves , being a dance greenhaired girl cheerfully. Also issued a rustle , rustle , being a little ' singers are singing . Complete really dance! Palme, isabel marant sneakers doesn't just add much for the attractiveness of the campus , students reported laughter. Is extremely good tall control. Fall is indeed beautiful inside the fall, using a light blow Buddhism , send small voice , being a young daughter totally piano for people to try out beautiful music. Autumn, tree , yellow leaves , yellow leaves being a bird using a tree, dropping air like birds, the leaves fall to the floor being a sleep sparse , you can find those that fall inside the film in the little bit of new balance 574 land want to put back the clothing of gold of the planet. But Evergreen isn't same , but nevertheless somewhat ' of green, high , dressed up in dazzling Shayi , people want to stand sentry. And a few usually are not

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