Five of Hector Avalos

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Chapter Five 2013 Cyber
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of Hector Avalos

covers a lot of ground in this chapter. The texts he touches on include
Isaiah 40, the Hebrew and Greek versions of the book of Jeremiah, Jonah, Psalm
68:21, Psalms 910; Psalm 35, and Psalm 137. The scholars whose work he passes in
review include Robert Alter, Sakae Kubo and Walter Specht, Robert Lowth, David
Noel Freedman and Frank Moore Cross, James Kugel, Jack Sasson, Stanley Gevirtz,
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Stuhlmueller, Hermann Gunkel, James Ackerman, Alan Cooper, Susan Niditch,
Mitchell Dahood, and Phyllis Trible.

Avalos's Cyber
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basic point seems to be that if a text like Isaiah
40 is a literary masterpiece, then so is the Great Hymn to Osiris, an Egyptian
composition that also soars from a literary point of view. I agree: but what's
the scoop? I plan to keep reading one as a masterpiece of ancient Hebrew
literature and the other as a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian literature.

Avalos also notes that ancient Hebrew literature is characterized by
asymmetries as well as symmetries. I made the same point recently on this blog.
Is Avalos channeling Roman Jakobson here, who famously noted in his analysis of
Baudelaire's Les Chats that the sonnet is based precisely upon Cyber
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a tension between symmetry and asymmetry? No, according to
Avalos, the beauty of a text must be located in its symmetry or asymmetry, not
both. On this score, Avalos's Cyber
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approach to literature lacks sophistication.

Avalos tars the biblical texts he discusses with Cyber
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adjectives like "ugly," "morally objectionable,"
"vicious," and "mangled." His treatment of the book of Jonah may illustrate. He
uses comments made by Jack Sasson as a foil. Sasson notes that the book of Jonah
is remarkable for its "jaggedness, imbalance, asymmetry, and discord." Sasson
also urges that the book of Jonah is "haunting," "comforting," "serene," and

To which Avalos replies, UGGs Cyber
"[W]hy not just say [or] . .?"

That is Avalos's take on the book of Jonah: "distorted," "aggravating,"
"annoying," "ugly." Ironic, I think. The book of Jonah is delightful precisely
because it is permeated by a selfdeprecating humor that is UGG Boots
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altogether lacking in Avalos.

If I look into the eyes of the woman I love, what do I see? I see a
reflection of the gaze of love I Cyber
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direct towards her. Avalos looks into the eyes of the book of
Jonah, and what does he see? A reflection of the spite he directs towards it.
Avalos has eyes that kill.

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