Don't gamble on cornerback

Don't gamble on cornerback


NEW YORK Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew's final preparations for Thursday night's NFL draft included trading text messages with his Hall of Fame former teammate Deion Sanders about this year's cornerback class.


"He's looking for some cornerbacks," Sanders, now an analyst for the NFL Network, said this morning after an appearance at a youth clinic as part of the league's draft week festivities. "That's the way we talk, and I respect him for that because he reaches out to not only me but several guys that have been there and done that, to see our views on guys."


Sanders declined to say what prospects he and Mayhew discussed, but he Wholesale NFL Jerseys offered thoughts on two cornerbacks who could interest the Lions with the 13th overall pick. They planned to talk again today.


Asked about Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, a top talent with plenty of offfield baggage, Sanders said, "You don't gamble that high. One thing about picking that high, you don't gamble, especially that cornerback position. Because if you do your homework and your due diligence, that can help you for the next five to 10 years. Cheap Jerseys A corner's going to play a long time, and then a corner with some size can go to safety so he can help you in the latter part of his career. You really got to concentrate on a lot of things when you're taking a pick that high."


Sanders said Louisiana State's Patrick Peterson is the cream of cheap nfl jerseys the year's defensiveback class, but there's little chance Peterson will slide to the Lions or the team will trade up get him.


Peterson said today the only contact he's had with the Lions during the predraft process was when the team called to verify phone numbers so he and his agent can be reached on draft day.


Sanders said he likes Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara but worries Cheap Jerseys about his playmaking ability he had just five interceptions in 49 games as a Cornhusker.


"That may concern some," Sanders said. "I like him, but that's a high pick, man. If I'm putting on my GM shoes, I've really got to do my homework, my due diligence, see if I want to go in that direction. Because taking a guy that high, it can affect you if you miss. You can't miss. Can't miss."


The Lions are in the market for one or two cornerbacks in the draft, and Wholesale Jerseys Sanders said they should be able to find a contributor even if they don't take one in the first round.


"There's some good guys, but you never know if it's going to translate into the pro game," he said. "At the college level they played well. You've got a nice group. I don't think you have a rich group with that much depth. To say three or four of these guys are going to get in there right away, they're going to start, I don't know about that. But quite a few of them will contribute this year."

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