Detroit Lions teammates won't ostracize players who misbehaved

Detroit Lions teammates won't ostracize players who misbehaved off the field


Mikel Leshoure received a twogame suspension from the NFL for getting arrested twice this offseason. Nick Fairley, who also had a pair of arrests, and Johnny Culbreath arrested just once, in January are waiting to hear if they'll be punished by the league.


But the secondyear players won't face any ill will from their Detroit Lions teammates, according to running back Jahvid Best.


"It definitely has nothing to do with football," Best said on WDFNAM 1130 Detroit. "I mean, those offthefield incidents, they have nothing to do with what goes on inside the building, so it's not like it's going to bother guys around the team."


Best, entering his third year with the Lions, isn't saying other players approve of the transgressions, though. They just recognize the difference between work life and private life.


"We don't want anybody to represent us badly," he explained, "but as far as going to work and showing up for work, those guys are great with that."


When Titus Young punched safety Louis Delmas at a voluntary workout, it was within the confines of work, but the young wide receiver took the right step by holding himself responsible for the action and apologizing to teammates.


"He definitely apologized and took all accountability for it," Best said. "That's all you can ask from him at that point. He was apologetic, and we just moved on."

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