Carl Joseph Walker

Carl Joseph Walker

It's been twoandahalf years since the tragic of Carl Joseph WalkerHoover, the
11yearold Springfield, Massachusetts boy who hanged himself after months of
homophobic and antigay taunts. Since the tragedy, mother Sirdeaner Walker has
become a national advocate against bullying, appearing on Oprah, and AC 360, as
well as testifying before Congress.

Walker has pushed for revisions in Massachusetts' strict new bullying law and
is lobbying Congress to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act, watch
NoMoreDownLowTV's report AFTER THE JUMP . The book project was launched in the
wake of numerous "young Black gay men literally committing in the silence of
their own communities," writes Rod 2.0 friend Keith Boykin.

Boykin says the anthology was inspired by the stories of Carl Joseph
WalkerHoover (right), Jaheem Herrera, Raymond Chase, Joseph Jefferson and others
reported on R20.

The immediate inspiration for the book was your web site. As you know, I've
retired from black gay activism, I'm not as involved as I used to be and your
web site is the first place I go to find out news about our community. Then last
fall I remember seeing all those sad articles on your site about young black gay
men who were committing , and I was concerned that those stories
weren't getting as much attention as other stories in the mainstream media.
That's when I sent off an email to Don Weise, the publisher at Magnus Books,
suggesting that he should get somebody to do an inspirational book for black gay
men in light of all the s going on.

Since we announced the book on Thursday, we've already been flooded with
submissions. I can tell this is going to be a lot of hard work figuring out what
to include, but I think it's going to be an amazing book, and probably the most
important book I've ever done.

Boykin adds: "Although some assume that is not a major problem in the black
community, a study published in April 2008 found that young black men aged 13 to
24 were more likely to commit than their white counterparts. Unfortunately,
recent Wesley Walker Jersey news events have confirmed that does
affect the black community."

Boykin also credits R recording artist Marsha Ambrosius and her
"groundbreaking" music video for Far Away for helping to raise awareness.
Submissions should be between 1000 and 5000 words. Some of the essays published
in the finished book will be long and some will be short. Please include your
name, email address, phone number, brief 1paragraph bio and a jpeg photo with
your submission.

We also want to tell the stories of real people (ordinary and extraordinary)
who have dealt with, or are still dealing with, adversity in their lives. But we
are also looking for college students, survivors, and those who have faced
bullying or harassment in their lives.

For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not
Enough will be published in March/April 2012.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signs what has been called the "nation's
toughest" antibullying law that prohibits bullying on school property and
cyberbullying. The bill was signed as its lead advocate, the mother still
grieving after 11yearold's , stood witness.

The Boston Globe:

The signing ceremony was given an air

of poignancy when Sirdeaner Walker took the podium beneath the Grand

Staircase of the State House, among pronouncements from Patrick,

Attorney General Martha Wesley Walker Throwback Jersey Coakley, and other dignitaries.
'My son Carl took his life just over a

year ago,' Walker said and received an extended ovation from more than

100 officials, advocates, and schoolchildren. Mitchell And Ness Wesley Walker Jersey 'He was bullied

antigay remarks. And Phoebe Prince took her life just a few months ago

after relentless and sexist bullying.'Joseph WalkerHoover hanged himself in
April 2009 after months of relentless homophobic and antigay taunts. Only weeks
after her son's death, another 11yearold boy, Jaheem

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