Calvin Johnson has it all

Calvin Johnson has it all

Arguably no position has produced more firstround disappointments. Fortyone
wide receivers have been taken in the opening round since 1997, but only nine
have appeared in a Pro Bowl as a position player. Even more striking, of the 15
taken in the Top 10 since only five or onethird have appeared in a Pro Bowl as a
position player.

That begs the question why Johnson will be different. Allow Mike Mayock, a
former NFL defensive back and current college football analyst and draft guru
for the NFL Network, to say publicly what team executives have been saying
privately for months.

can find a hole with just about every bigname wide receiver in the
last five years, Mayock said. was too small, he was too big. He wasn
quicktwitch, he was quicktwitch but he wasn tough.

got all these things you can pick holes with, and when you watch all of his
tape, you go: Are you kidding me? 65, 239, ran 4.35, highpoints the ball. His
ball skills are similar to Larry Fitzgerald, who has the best
ball skills I seen in a while. You look at Larry Fitzgerald and you say, he
doesn have that quicktwitch separation speed; but Calvin Johnson does.

then I say, can be a good blocker, but he kills people in the run game,
Mayock continued. amazed. Most toplevel wide receivers won block people. He

I look at all the onthefield stuff. He might not be as quick as a smaller
receiver, but he beats (press) coverage with his strength. He accelerates faster
than people believe.

you go to the last question, which is off the field. Is he intelligent? Will
he be able to pick up . sophisticated defensive schemes and be able to adjust?
The kid went to Georgia Tech, (is) intelligent and clean off the field. So I
would love to give you a reason why he going to fail, but I just don see one.

Johnson raised some eyebrows this week when it was reported he admitted to
trying marijuana while in college. But a handful of team executives later said
privately that they doubted Johnson would be hurt by the admission because he
has never had an offfield issue and isn considered a user.

Oh, and because he has the type of athletic ability that led one receivers
coach to call him a freak.

Johnson was a threeyear starter and threeyear AllACC selection, a first for a
Georgia Tech player. He won the Biletnikoff Award, which goes to the nation top
college receiver, last season after leading the conference in catches (76) and
yards (1,202) and ranking second nationally with 15 touchdowns.

Johnson has tremendous confidence but not the arrogance that associated with
so many prima donnas that play the position in the NFL. When he said at the
scouting combine that he feels he the best player in the draft, it lacked an air
of cockiness. As did his response when Mitchell And Ness Curtis Martin Jersey asked to compare
himself with others.

this year a lot has been made of Randy Moss and (Terrell Owens), he said. my
character on the field, I like Marvin Harrison, just trying to get the job done.
I more like Marvin Harrison with the attitude. doesn have an entourage, a
touchdown dance or a lookatme attitude. His best friend is the weight room,
where he spends much of his free time.

Scouts say he could have put up otherworldly numbers if he had had a quality
quarterback in college, but Johnson never complained. That would have been
wasted energy, negative energy, and he just not interested in either.

Most projections have him being drafted among the first four picks, possibly
No. overall to the Raiders. He stands to receive in the neighborhood of $20
million in guarantees, if not more, but teams needn be concerned about him
getting a fat head because of a bloated wallet.

know putting money in your pocket is different, but nothing is going to
change for me, Johnson said. not going to change, not me. Money not going to do
anything for me. I mean, it will do something for me, but it not going to change
me. Curtis Martin Jersey of all on the field, where, unlike many
of his predecessors, he hopes to live up to the hype.

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