Brett Favre explains his decision to play

Brett Favre explains his decision to play


Brett Favre said the Minnesota Vikings organization is "a perfect fit" and said revenge isn't a motivation for his return to football. Here are some highlights from Favre's press conference in Minnesota late this afternoon:


On the torn bicep he suffered last season playing for the Jets: "My arm got worse and worse. I Drew Brees Jersey wanted to Drew Brees Jersey Ebay make sure if I was to play I wouldn't go through that again. I was cautios (in deciding to return), maybe (that's) an understatement."


What has happened to change your mind in the last three weeks? Favre said he was concerned with a rotator cuff tear that was discovered in his shoulder. He was assured that wouldn't be an issue this season. Vikings coach Brad Childress called Favre on Monday to give him one more chance to change his mind. "When Brad called yesterday, it was kind of like, this is it, it's now or never."


Favre said revenge isn't a factor in his return. "I think guys know I'm in it for the right reasons. That's because I still love to play."


Of Packers fans who are struggling with the concept of him playing for the hated Vikings: "If you're true Packer fans, you understand. Will it be different, sure it will. if you're a true fan, you say you know what, he chose to continue playing, they chose to go in a different direction. It's part of the business. He has to play somewhere if he wants to play. Once Drew Brees Black Jersey again, this is the perfect fit."


On his legacy: "First of all, when people start talking about my legacy, it's mine. It's what I think of it. The way I played the game, handled myself as leaderif I had it to do over again, I'd do it the same way."


On his divorce from the Packers: "Circumstances of how it all went down, both sides were wrong to a certain Nike Drew Brees Jersey degree. I have no ill feelings toward that. That stage of my career could have been done differently, both sides. I don't think I have to prove anything. I really don't. What I've done is down in the books."


He repeated he isn't coming back to face the Packers twice. "People can believe what they want to believe. I'm in it for the right reasons. Our team traded him away, and now, he playing for a rival team! Guess what? We can have it both ways! I think the ingrates are just afraid Favre will take the Queens to the Super Bowl. And it would kinda serve them right if he did. Only, Favre or no Favre, the Queens suck.


Seriously, I don understand Favre. I can I used to be his fan and, of course, a true Green Bay fan. I understand that he wants to play one more season, I really understand this.

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