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The Second Newcastle Ministry (sometimes known as the Newcastle/Pitt
Ministry) was a British government which served between 1757 and 1762, at the
height of the Seven Years War. It was headed by the Duke of Newcastle, who was
serving in his second term as Prime Minister. The most influential and famous
figure in the government was William Pitt, who
served as Secretary of State.

The Ministry ended a period of political instability, when Britain had
struggled in the war. Pitt was a strong war leader, but lacked the support in
parliament necessary to provide effective leader. Newcastle Footballbillsstore provided this, as he has a strong base of
support in the House of Commons. They divided duties between them with Pitt
directing defence and foreign policy, while Newcastle controlled the nation's
finances and patronage.

The Ministry was very successful leading Britain to many victories in the
war, particularly in the Annus Mirablis of 1759, which put the country in an
immensely strong position by 1761. That year Pitt resigned over a dispute
concerning the entry of Spain into the war. The Ministry had been under Mario Williams Women's Jersey pressure since the death of the
old King, and accession of George III who disliked both Pitt and Newcastle and
favoured the Earl of Bute.

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