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Another post brought up a point about passing out of their threereceiver offense and running out of their twotight end scheme. To use an old West Coast offense term, their threereceiver, oneback, onetight end package is their 3rdandlong and twominute set. Most teams don run out of it. The 49ers were finding success running from zebra; they did it three times for 21 yards out of 18 zebra sets in Arizona. Their average in a the two games before that was one draw a game out of that formation.


As far as the passing out of the two tightend set formation meaning two tight ends with two receivers and one Calvin Johnson Jersey back, the 49ers passed eight times in their 13 tiger formations last Sunday. For those who really want to know Trent Dilfer was 4for8 for 30 yards.


So the percentages are not that different in running out of three receiver sets or throwing out of a two tightend formation in the pre and postTed Tollner eras. The percentages for last game, however, are only through three quarters. Another point, there are serious doubts Tollner was able to get to that level of detail with Matthew Stafford Black Jersey offensive coordinator Jim Hostler in preparing the game plan.


The final questions concerned Alex Smith. Would he have been able to guide the 49ers to a win against Arizona?


Dilfer is a very different quarterback and he excelled the last two games by throwing short. Preinjury Smith is a better intermediate Nike Ndamukong Suh Jersey passer, but Dilfer has the knowledge to know where to go in the short passing game.


The final question, is there anyone out there to coach Smith and improve his mechanics and could Steve Mariucci be that guy?


Mariucci Barry Sanders Throwback Jersey would be a fine choice, with his history of developing Brett Favre. But would Mariucci go back to work Jahvid Best Jersey Ebay for the Yorks after they fired him? And would the Yorks want him back? Who knows if Mariucci would accept such a position. But Smith definitely needs a proven quarterback mentor to develop his skills.

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