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A Black
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and the Leader UGGs Black

is a pb2 clan that has been around for many ages (over exaggeration). Infact,
it is one of this first clan ever created in the game. Now first of all let me
introduce myself. My account name in pb2 is COOKIES_YUMMY and I am the 5th
leader of this clan and the creator/founder of this website. I've been in pb2
for 3 years now but I stopped playing for almost over a year but now I have
decided to return back to see the new changes in the game. I'm a 13 year old
girl and I live in Canada :). Yes, I know what you're thinking? A girl playing
pb2??!! :O Well it's true, I am a girl and when I have some free time, I go to
pb2 and have some fun. Now that's enough about myself, Black
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now lets talk about the clan itself :). The person who
created this clan wasn't me. The real creator and the former leader of this clan
was Ugg. Ugg was one of the first players I've met in pb2. Black
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He is a very friendly and thoughtful player who treats his
members with respect and kindness. I met Ugg in a saw map where he recruited me
into his clan. It was back then when I was still new to the game. I played very
noobish in plazma burst 2 because I knew nothing about the game yet. In other
words, I was a Newbie.

What made you join a clan? I didn't know how to join or what a clan was until
I saw a couple of players in a game who had the same name. They all had GSA in
their account name. I was curious so I asked them why they all had the same
name. (what a noobish question to ask lol) and I remembered that one of them
replied that "it's a clan that only pro players can join". _ (meaning that I
couldn't join). It cheap nike air
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was interesting and so I thought of joining one. So I asked different
clan members from different clans if I could join them UGG Boots
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but most of them regected me because I wasn't good enough T_T
Then one day, I was playing in a saw map and then suddenly a random player came
up to me and asked if I wanted to join his clan :O I was surprised that he said
that to me because no one has ever offered me to join their clans except him. I
was excited and said "YES" to him. He recruited me into his clan and taught me
many things that I did not know yet in the game. He taught me how to selfboost,
how to properly shoot a railgun and how to dodge gun shots :) He was a great
leader and a good friend. About a year ago, Ugg announced that he was assigning
a new leader. The 2nd leader was Christopher2643. I don't know what happened to
Chris but I learned that Ugg assigned another leader which was kdark (3rd
leader). Then so on. the 4th leader. It was sad to see what had happened to our
once proud clan :( So I decided to revive our clan back and bring it's glory
back once again.

Why stay in this clan and not make one of your own? It's obvious why I would
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stay and try my best to revive this clan instead of leaving it dead
forever and make my own. We Black
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were more just friends or clan members but we were Black
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like a small family in this game.

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