Activities to Do With Children

Activities Frostee Rucker Black Jersey to Do With Children When a Parent
Has Cancer

For the past few days, I've felt a little under the weather. It's funny (not
in a "ha ha" kind of way) how sensitive I still am, how just feeling puny Cardinals Frostee Rucker Jersey can take me back to my cancer
days (daze?).

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my first thought wasn't about me. Rather
(as is the case with most parents), I wondered how on earth Authentic Frostee Rucker Jersey I could be a good mom to my
daughter who, at the time, was almost 5.

One of the first things I did was create an "energy bank." I spent most days
in the horizontal position resting (to the best of my ability) in an effort to
accumulate even the teeniest bit of energy that I could "spend" on our daughter
when she came home from school.

On days that I was in the bottomless pit of chemo despair (there were a few
too many of those!), my daughter and I curled up in my bed and watched what we
called "Silver Lining Movies." We called them "Silver Lining Movies" because the
silver lining of my being sick was that we could do something that we would not
normally do: snuggle together and watch feelgood movies. We watched everything
from Disney princesses to The Sound of Music to Annie. Some other things that we
liked to do when I felt particularly rotten:

Reminisce (as much as a preschooler can!) over old photo albums.

On the days that I blessedly had more energy, we liked to take short walks
either around our yard or (on a really great day!) at the beach. Picking flowers
was always a highlight of those sweet little outings as well.

One of the most important things that I learned about parenting (in general),
courtesy of my cancer diagnosis, is that doing more with children isn't
necessarily better. Cozy, quiet, focused alone time means as much (if not more!)
to a child than anything else.

As sick as I was (and there were days when I didn't think it was possible to
be any sicker!), we managed to get through it. little friend who I had cared for
as an infant, and continued to spend Saturdays with him after he had started
preschool. He was here to visit the day after my port, and then every Saturday
that my blood counts were "reasonable". I always had other family members to
augment his visits lest I become too tired, or he needed to be more active.

He was present when my hair fell out in clumps when we were outside on a
windy summer day, I asked my daughter to scissor it off; he watched
intermittently while playing nearby. He was memorably so excited for my new hair
growth: he actually would spontaneously smile, then laugh and rub my head! I
feel so blessed to have had him his wonderful parents in my life, in addition to
my Frostee Rucker Jersey White whole support team.

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